Vera Cruz (East Timor)

Vera Cruz is a sub-district, which forms the western center of the East Timorese capital Dili. Here is the commercial center of the harbor, the Government Palace and the National Parliament of East Timor.


Vera Cruz is located on the south shore of the Bay of Dili. To the west it borders the sub-district Dom Aleixo and on the east by the Nain Feto Subdistrikte and Cristo Rei. In the south of the district Aileu lies with his subdistrict Laulara. The north-western border with Dom Aleixo forms in the rainy season the river Maloa. Southern and south-western border follows the Rio Comoro with its tributaries Beinas and Bemos. A third periodic river flows betwee Maloa and Rio Comoro from Veracruz to Dom Aleixo.

The Sucos Lahane Oriental and Santa Cruz were separated from Vera Cruz and it slammed the Sucos Colmera, Motael and Vila Verde in a territorial reform on 14 July 2004. Thus, the sub-district is divided today into seven Sucos: Caicoli, Colmera, Dare, Lahane Ocidental, Mascarenhas ( Mascarinhas ) Motael and Vila Verde. All Sucos except Dare that consists of the hills inland are classified as urban.


In Veracruz, 34 015 people live (2010, 2004: 28 178 ). The average age is 21.5 years ( 2010, 2004: 19.4 years ).

Even in urban Dili are managed by the inhabitants fields and gardens to supplement the livelihood. 12% of households in Veracruz have coconut trees, 12% grow cassava, maize 11%, 9% and 4% vegetables coffee. In addition, pets are kept as chickens and pigs.