• Claus Sauter, CEO
  • Alexander von Witzleben, Chairman

VERBIO United bioenergy AG, headquartered in Zoerbig (Saxony- Anhalt) is a manufacturer and supplier of biofuels. The administration and management sits in Leipzig. Around 585 employees at three locations produce on an industrial scale biodiesel, bioethanol and biogas. The company continues to produce its fuels self-developed production processes. VERBIO supplies its products directly to European mineral oil corporations, mineral oil traders, independent petrol stations, haulage companies, public utilities and vehicle fleets.

Members of the Board

  • Claus Sauter (CEO / Chairman of the Board )
  • Oliver Luedtke (COO / Board of bioethanol, biogas)
  • Theodor Niesmann (COO / Executive biodiesel plant )
  • Bernd Sauter (COO / Board of purchasing, logistics, personnel)

Members of the Supervisory Board

  • Alexander von Witzleben (Chairman)
  • Ulrike Krämer ( Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board)
  • Georg pollert (Member of the Supervisory Board)


Claus Sauter founded in 1995, an oil mill, in 2000 he built together with Georg pollert a plant for the production of biodiesel in Bitterfeld. 2005 went two bioethanol production, in Zoerbig and Schwedt, and a second biodiesel plant in Schwedt in operation. In May 2006, the previous individual companies were merged to today's " VERBIO ". This acts as a holding company, operating business is performed by the subsidiaries. With effect from 16 October 2006, the listing of the shares of the company on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange followed. 2009 started the construction of biogas plants in Zoerbig and Schwedt, which were taken in the following year in operation. In 2011 VERBIO started the pilot project for processing of straw for biogas production and international expansion to Eastern Europe.


Within the Group, VERBIO AG acts as the management holding company. The operational business run by its subsidiaries

  • VERBIO Diesel Bitterfeld GmbH & Co. KG, Greppin
  • VERBIO Diesel Schwedt GmbH & Co. KG, Schwedt
  • VERBIO Ethanol Schwedt GmbH & Co. KG, Schwedt
  • VERBIO ethanol Zoerbig GmbH & Co. KG, Zoerbig
  • Märka GmbH, Zoerbig

Production capacity per year

  • 450,000 tons of biodiesel
  • 300,000 tons of bioethanol
  • 480 gigawatt hours of biogas



Verbio sets forth biodiesel from renewable resources such as rape. One liter verbiodiesel reduces CO2 emissions compared to fossil diesel by 1.7 kg per 100 kilometers driven. This corresponds to a CO2 reduction of 62%. Moreover arise virtually no waste, but only high-quality co-products that are either recycled into the production process or further refined into pharmaceutical glycerine in biodiesel production.


The company processes for the production of bioethanol largely inferior grain that does not meet the high quality requirements of the food and feed industry. The raw materials are thereby related to more than 95 % of regional partners in agriculture. Ethanol fuels are used worldwide as biogenic fuels in internal combustion engines. In particular, the use as a substitute for gasoline or blending in motor vehicles has increased in the last few years.


As companies used waste materials such as Straw or stillage to produce biogas from renewable energy sources. These sources do not compete with food. The biogas is cleaned technically to natural gas quality and fed into the existing natural gas network, as natural gas and biogas have the same chemical composition. Both organic and natural gas currently belong to both economically and ecologically efficient energy sources.


The Biorefinery of the company is a distributed system consisting of bioethanol and biogas plant and the world's first of its kind This is a closed energy and water cycle both energy conversion and C0 ₂ - reduction of over 90 % possible by the unprocessed waste materials as biological fertilizer are returned to agriculture. This is accomplished by the production of ethanol in the slurry obtained as the waste by fermentation is converted into biogas and then brought to natural gas quality. The inorganic components of the grout are extracted and processed it to recycling manure. The fertilizer goes back to the agricultural industry, the fertilizer circuit remains closed. By this fertilizer recycling highly sustainable agriculture can be given. The principle of sustainability is pursued in addition to the closed production cycle and by the strategy of regional value: Thus, about 95 % of the required raw materials for the production Bioethanol/Biogas- be recovered from the immediate vicinity of the biofuel plants.


Since October 2006 Verbio is listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Verbio is also listed with interruptions ÖkoDAX. When added to the ÖkoDAX in 2007 one shares cost 7.30 euros. They lost considerable value in the following years until 2008 and fell below 1 euro. After a temporary recovery in the years 2010 and 2011 it reached peak values ​​of 5 euro, but lost in the course of the year 2012. On July 6, 2012 she was represented with a share of 10.22 % in ÖkoDAX. The share is 30% in free float. Major shareholders are Claus Sauter and Georg pollert with around 20 % and Bernd Sauter with 15%.

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