Verde Island

Verde Iceland is the name of an island in the province of Batangas in the Philippines.

This is off the coast of the island of Luzon, about 8 kilometers south of the city Batangas City, almost centrally located in the busiest shipping route of the Philippines, the Isla Verde Road. On the island are the barangays, Liponpon, San Agapito, San Agustin East, West San Agustin, San Andres and San Antonio. You have a population of 6699 to the prior census in 2007. Largest town is San Antonio is Maintained .. in the center and southwest of the island with 1420 inhabitants, the island from the city of Batangas City.

Verde Iceland is known especially among scuba divers, since it is in a hot spot of biodiversity of the Philippines. The highest elevation of the island is about 300 m high peak Liponpon. It was named after Captain Juan Verde, Batangas region of the subjugated in the 16th century for the Spanish crown, the region was at that time the name of Balayan de Kumintang.

The crossing of Batangas City takes about 45 minutes to an hour.