Verethragna ( Avestan Vərəθraγna ) is the name of an old -Iranian deity. He is a warrior and therefore embodies the aggressive victorious power in the fight against evil. He punished the produced by humans and demons evil. In Bahram Yasht, a hymn dedicated to him in ten different manifestations occurs: as strong wind, as a bull with yellow ears and golden horns, as a white horse with golden splendor dishes, as camel, carrying a load than wild boar, as a teenager, as a fast flying bird, as Aries, as militant as deer and a man holding a sword with a golden sword in hand.

Among the Greeks, he was identified with Ares or Herakles. In the Parthians, he was often equated with Heracles. On coins of the Kushan he appears as Orlagno. In the Middle Persian is his name to Vahram, Vehram, Bahram or Behram. In New Persian we encounter the name as Bahram. In Persian, the planet Mars is called Bahram.