Verges, Catalonia

Verges is a Spanish municipality located in the Baix Empordà region, which is located in the autonomous province of Catalonia.


The main industries of the village are traditionally the crop and livestock farming.


  • The castle ruins Verges, who comes in their documented traditional origins from the early 12th century and today dominates the medieval core of the local image with remains of towers and ramparts; Parts of the castle ruins were incorporated into the building the council offices as well as in the subsequently formed village church.
  • The Romanesque church of Sant Julia i Santa Basilissa from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Procession on Holy Thursday

In Verges takes place annually on Maundy Thursday, a well-known beyond the borders of Catalonia addition procession in the historic center of the town instead. The Processo de Verges starts from 22.00 clock in the town square with the acting performance of scenes from the Passion of Jesus Christ. Then move into the darkness of the night and a costumed as skeletons villagers to the rhythm of drums, the so-called Dansa de la Mort ( Dance of the Dead '), through the ancient streets of Verges. This unique throughout Spain Passion Play is one of the traditional and well-known open-air performances of Catalonia; it is now beyond as one of the oldest manifest ions of sacred art and refers here to medieval roots. Through the dance of death, the transience of life and dealing with death is to be visualized. In 2009, this mystical dance of death was conducted by internationally renowned singer and songwriter Lluís Llach, who was born in Girona, but had spent his entire childhood in Verges.

The Processo de Verges was declared in 2010 Festa d' patrimonial interès nacional by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Sons of the place

  • Francesc Cambó (1876-1947), politician
  • Lluís Llach ( b. 1948 ), musician and songwriter


Ancient Alley

Church tower with starlings

Cambó Memorial