Versant Corporation

The American Versant Corporation is a publicly listed manufacturer of data management software headquartered in Redwood City ( California). Developed the software in the Hamburg branch ( Germany ). From the American headquarters of the Finance and Technical Support are controlled. The sales teams are located both in Redwood City as well as in Hamburg. Versant provides two commercial object database technologies, " Versant Object Database " and " Versant FastObjects " as well as the open source object database technology " db4o ". Versant technology is primarily used for complex data and large to very large amounts of data ( Big Data ) for use, worldwide there are more than 150,000 installations, Versant.


The Versant Corporation was founded in 1988 in the United States. Since 1996, Versant is traded under the symbol " VSNT " on the NASDAQ. In March 2004, the merger with the German software company Poet Holdings Inc. CEO of the Corporation was Bernhard Wöbker, he followed 2011 Jochen Witte. In December 2008, the open source object database technology has been purchased " db4o ". The software development companies in Pune ( India) was set in early 2010, since then the development is carried out exclusively in Hamburg. The November 2011 presented roadmap puts the emphasis in product development to offers for Big Data applications and the associated data analysis in near real time.


Versant provides an extensive NoSQL technology. It combines the advantages of NoSQL-Key-/Value-DB architecture with the ability to process structured, semi- structured and unstructured data across different transaction scenarios. The engine enables the import and processing of large data sets. This is a prerequisite for real-time queries of analytics systems. Versant markets currently two commercial object- oriented database systems ( OODBMS ): The " Versant Object Database " and " Versant FastObjects ". Since 2008, Versant offers the open source object database technology " db4o " to.

  • " Versant Object Database " for complex Java and C applications, particularly when high demands are placed on the reliability, concurrency and the performance and the dataset is very large.
  • " FastObjects " for C - and NET applications with complex object models.. Fully integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • " db4o " for Java and. NET applications

The Versant Object Database is available for the operating systems Windows, Linux, Solaris, and HP -UX. Can include the Versant DB, for example, in C - or Java programs, since the end of 2011 there is a Versant implementation of the Java Persistence API, a Java client for the Versant Database Server ( Pre-release ).

Unlike a relational database management system (RDBMS such as Oracle) can use the Versant Object Database complex logical models are stored directly read and modeled without having to view them in relational tables, which software developers some saves to work. In addition, significant performance benefits can be achieved with complex data in hierarchical models. Through online schema evolution, it is possible to make changes in the data model in production environments without downtime.


The object databases of Versant used when the amount of data or complexity beyond the capabilities of relational database systems, for example in the areas of telecommunications, transportation / traffic, online gaming ( MMOG), government / defense, medical and other industrial applications.