Verse (river)

The verses on Bremecker hammer in Lüdenscheid

The verse is a 24.5 km long, orographic left or south-westerly tributary of Lenne in Sauerland ( Maerkischer circle) in North Rhine -Westphalia, Germany.


The river rises north-east of Meinerzhagen and flows from there to the north and the Fürwiggetalsperre Versetalsperre, both of which are located southeast of Lüdenscheid. Below the dam latter flows through the verses of the Lüdenscheider district Brüninghausen and then bends to the northeast. In Werdohler district Versevörde the river empties into the Lenne.

Industry and Tourism

Due to the relatively strong gradient verses and their tributaries were once commonly used for water -powered hammer mills. Particular stimulus has on the section between Lüdenscheid and Werdohl, which is referred to as the actual " Verse ". The forging Bremecker hammer is by the river Bremecke arrived just near its confluence with the verses.