Center of Versoix

Versoix is a municipality in the canton of Geneva in Switzerland. It is located about 10 kilometers north of Geneva ( center ) on Lake Geneva.


The neighboring communities are the Vaudois communities Mies VD and Chavannes -des- Bois and the Geneva municipalities Collex-Bossy and Genthod. In between north-west borders Versoix to France.

In Versoix river Versoix, which rises on French territory ends.

Versoix - Through the village the main road 1 being the Highway 1 to the terminal 8 runs to the west. The municipality is located on the railway line Lausanne- Geneva that is one continuous section since 1858.


Versoix is mainly known for its harbor, which was one of the main poles of trade on Lake Geneva in the fourteenth century, and its rural surroundings, which could be well preserved, although Versoix received in the course of the 1990s, the city status ( in Switzerland are places with more than 10,000 inhabitants as cities).