Vertamboz is a commune in the French department of Jura in the Franche -Comté.


Vertamboz is located on 490 m above sea level. M., 17 km east-southeast of the town of Lons -le- Saunier (air line). The farming village extends in the Jura, in the south of the plateau of Champagnole, the east adjoins the Valley of the Combe d' Ain, north of the Taleinschnitts of Drouvenant.

The area of ​​6.66 km ² municipal area includes a portion of the French Jura. The central area is occupied by a plateau, which is part of the Valley of the Combe d' Ain and is predominantly covered by arable and meadow land. This plateau is bordered by the Talniederung his right tributary Sirene to the south by up to 40 m deep valley cut of Drouvenant, in the northwest. This flow system ensures the drainage of the area for the Ain. To the east, the municipality's area extends over a 80 m high ground level to the plateau of Champagnole ( average altitude of 600 m. M. ), the partly wooded, is composed partly of meadow land. With 615 m above sea level. M. is achieved the highest elevation of Vertamboz in the Bois de l' Ermitage.

Neighboring communities of Vertamboz are Charézier in the north, Uxelles in the east, Cogna, Clairvaux- les -Lacs and Boissia in the south and Patornay in the West.


Is first mentioned in the 12th century Vertamboz. In the Middle Ages the village belonged to the barony of Clairvaux, but has been separated therefrom in 1312 and formed after an own rule. Together with the Franche -Comté Vertamboz came with the Peace of Nijmegen in 1678 to France. In the wake of the French Revolution two places of residence was demolished by Vertamboz.


The village church of Vertamboz was built in the 17th century and remodeled in the 18th century. It has a statue of the Virgin from the 15th century.


With 92 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2011) Vertamboz one of the smallest towns in the Jura. Since the end of the 19th century, the population is slowly but continuously (1881 or 231 persons were counted ).

Economy and infrastructure

Was Vertamboz until well into the 20th century a predominantly coined by the agriculture and forestry through the village. Even today, the inhabitants live on the merits of the activity in the first sector. Outside of the primary sector, there are few jobs in the community.

The village is located off the major thoroughfares, but is easily accessible from the main road N78, which runs from Lons -le- Saunier to Saint -Laurent -en- Grandvaux. Further road links exist with Charézier and Uxelles.

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  • Commune in the department of Jura
  • Place in Franche -Comté