6630 ( March 31, 2013 )

Vestnes is a place and a municipality of the Norwegian Fylke (administrative district ) Møre og Romsdal, about 500 kilometers northwest of Oslo. The administrative center of the municipality is Vestnes. Other major towns are Tomrefjord and Tresfjord at the same fjords, where the majority of the population lives.

The municipality stretches from including the Romsdalsfjord from north to south 26.4 kilometers from east to west by 31.8 km. The highest point was the 1434 -meter-high Lauparen.

The population density is 19 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Neighboring municipalities are Haram, Midsund, Molde, Ørskog, Rauma, Skodje and Stordal.

One of the key industries and major employers in the community is shipbuilding, which is based on a long tradition. Today, the small but modern shipyards steel and aluminum, 30 years ago almost exclusively use wood.