Vetlanda (earlier spelling Hvetlanda ) is a town in the Swedish province of Jönköping County, the historical province of Småland. The town is the capital of the municipality of the same name.


Around the year 1000 developed here a settlement that was as a place for markets and for meeting the jurisdiction of regional importance. The city rights were granted Vetlanda at the beginning of 1920. During the 1960s, many wooden houses were that shaped the look of the place by then, demolished as part of a so-called "rehabilitation". Long Vetlanda was a railway junction, but today there are only a freight line and the compound of Nässjö.

In 1974, the new city was inaugurated. The construction aroused strong discussions in the population, since it is built in modern style and subsequently received the sobriquet Tower of Babel. The largest sector of the economy of the town is the wood processing industry.


Vetlanda was formerly a small railway junction, where the railway line Sävsjö - Målilla and Sävsjöström - Nässjö Järnväg met.


Were born in Vetlanda:

  • Ingrid Dahlberg ( b. 1941 ), Swedish director, film and television producer and politician
  • Lena Philipsson (born 1966 ), Swedish pop singer
  • Johan Franzén ( born 1979 ), Swedish ice hockey player
  • Mattias Tedenby (* 1990), Swedish ice hockey player.

The Swedish children 's and teen book author Lisbeth Pahnke, married Airosto, (* 1945 ) lives in Vetlanda.