Vezzani is a municipality with 321 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the Haute- Corse on the French island of Corsica. It is the capital of the eponymous canton and partner community of San Ignacio De Sabaneta in the province of Santiago Rodriguez of the Dominican Republic.


Vezzani is situated at an altitude of 765 meters above the sea level above the valley of Tagnone in the forest of Rospi - Sorba 50 km northeast of Ajaccio, the capital of the region of Corsica. The village is surrounded by the neighboring communities Pietroso, Rospigliani and Muracciole. The municipality has an area of ​​46.32 square kilometers. The Tagnone is a tributary of the Tavignano with a length of 35.3 kilometers and rises in Vezzani.


Culture and sights

On 9 and 10 August of each year the festival takes place du bois et de la forêt (, wood and the forest '). It operates a tourist train between Vezzani and the forest. Craftsmen and artists of all Corsica represent works from about wood.

In the former Lavoir of Vezzani is a museum, will be exhibited in the antique tools.

The fountain of the Three Graces was made ​​in 1867 by Jean-Jacques Ducel art foundry of cast iron. The motif of the Three Graces, the " fidelity in marriage in ancient Rome " dar. The fountain was for a work by the sculptor Germain Pilon (1535-1590) designed, located since 1817 in the Louvre.

The Church of the Annunciation (, Annunciation Church ' ) had in 1589 the status of Pieve. At that time it was still a building in the Romanesque style, today it is a neo-classical building, even if the facade still shows some Baroque elements.


Copper mining in Vezzani was partly on the territory of the neighboring communities Noceta, Pietroso and Rospigliani. 1795 was an engineer a transition arsenopyrite in Vezzani. It was not until 1857, the first permission for the investigation of the site was given. 1891 a renewed permit for excavations have been granted, the work was carried out subsequently in 1892. 1895 sold the rights to their discoverer a banking house in Bastia. 1897, the mining company mines de Tama Vezzani was founded. The mining rights covered an area of 1842 hectares. In 1898, 300 tons of arsenopyrite have been promoted and shipped to England. With the outbreak of World War I (1914-1918) of the degradation was stopped. 1925, the work et wa were a year resumed, after the mine was abandoned. A total of 5,500 tons of ore were promoted, 4,000 tons were exported to England. The concession was canceled in 1965.

An important branch of industry in Vezzani is forestry, the sale of pine seeds and wood.