VfB Altena

VfB Altena 1912 is a German sports club based in Altena in the Sauerland. The association founded in 1912 for Motor Sports is a registered charity, which is divided into a football, handball, table tennis and a chess section.

Table tennis

The table tennis department was founded in 1950 under the name TuS Nachrodt- Obstfeld. In 1966, the contractor Klaus Naujoks became involved as a patron. He undertook top players such as Klaus Solka, Rainer plan Kermann and Wilfried Lieck. With these he reached 1972/73 Bundesliga and immediately won the German championship. He repeated this success in 1976.

The club changed their name several times and was called, inter alia, TTG Altena - Nachrodt, VfB Altena 1912 eV ( from 1 July 1974), TTC Plaza Altena, Burtelt Altena (after the entrepreneur Frank Burtelt ), TTC Altena (since May 17 1996 as an independent association ). He belonged 1972-1987, 1991-1993 and 1994/1995 the 1st Bundesliga and from 1987 to 1991, 1993/1994, 1995-1997 and 2003/2004 Bundesliga 2 at. Although Altena was in the 1995/96 season first in the 2.BL, but gave up the climb.

In the 2007 /08 season was the TTC Altena first in the regional and climbed under coach Bernie Vossebein on in the 2nd Bundesliga. After interim relegation in 2010 were abolished again in 2012 the rise in the second highest league. For the end of the 2012/13 season, the club announced its withdrawal from the Bundesliga.


Headquartered in Reineckstadion the sports center at Prague Paul football section of the VfB Altena could reach a maximum as a football club 's third- highest division. The introduced in 1978 Football Oberliga Westfalen one belonged to when it was founded, but rose in 1981 in the Federation League from. Players who managed the leap into the 70s in the professional sector were, among others, Hans -Jürgen Andexer, Alfons Sikora and Ingo Peter.

In the recent past VfB Altena even had to make their way back to the county level. The low point was the descent into the county league A, which one behind arch-rivals FC Altena 69 fell back. Although they reached the meantime again the national league (sixth league), but could remain there for only two years. After the District League relegation in 2006 you had to again in the county league A start in which you currently denies the games.


Since 2007, the VfB Altena after a few years under the name Fusion HEA Altena ( merger of VfB, TSV and TS Evingsen ) as the strongest handball club again - as earlier - his own handball department. In the beginning of season 2007/2008 the VfB Altena had (A- to F - youth) reported three Senior teams ( District League, Local League B and circle class ), an old men's team that did not participate in the game mode, and all youth teams. In the season 2011/2012 played three men's teams and five junior teams (B to F). The first team in 2011 rose in the District League and the following season in the national league on.

In addition, the VfB handball judge since the late 1970s from the traditional Altenaer Handball days. This great event is usually on the Ascension weekend in and around the sports center Prague Paul instead. Between 60 and 100 teams will travel this to Altena. In addition, the VfB cared for in the context of the project in full day school handball associations to the Altenaer schools.


The chess section bears the name " tower Altena "