VfB ( " association for movement games ", " club for ball games " or "Association for Disabled Sport" ) is part of the name following sports clubs:

VfB 1910 Gliwice

VfB Germania Halberstadt

VfB Homberg

VfB Hüls

VfB Leipzig

VfB Legnica

VfB Lübeck

VfB Oldenburg

VfB Speldorf

VfB Stuttgart

VfB Suhl 91

  • VfB 08 Aachen, Sports Club in Aachen, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Altena, Sports Club in Altena, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Auerbach, Sports Club in Auerbach / Vogtl., Saxony
  • VfB Fichte Bielefeld, Sports Club in Bielefeld, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Bottrop, football club based in Bottrop, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Rot-Weiß Braunschweig, Sports Club in Braunschweig, Lower Saxony
  • VfB 1898 Wroclaw, former football club in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia
  • VfB Fortuna Chemnitz, football club based in Chemnitz, Saxony
  • VfB Epping, football club in Epping, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB Erfurt, former football club in Erfurt, Thuringia
  • VfB Forchheim, Sports Club in Forchheim, Upper Franconia, especially known for Handball
  • VfB Friedberg, Sports Club in Friedberg, Hesse
  • VfB Friedrichshafen, Sports Club in Friedrichshafen, Baden- Württemberg, known primarily for volleyball
  • VfB Gießen, sports club in Giessen, Hesse
  • VfB Glauchau, football club in Glauchau, Saxony
  • VfB 1910 Gliwice, former football club based in Gliwice, Upper Silesia
  • VfB Prussia Greppin 1911, Sports Club in Bitterfeld- Wolfen, Saxony -Anhalt
  • VfB Germania Halberstadt, Association for popular sports in Halberstadt, Saxony -Anhalt
  • VfB Helmbrechts, Sports Club in Helmbrechts, Bavaria
  • VfB Hermsdorf, Sports Club in Berlin
  • VfB 03 Hilden, Sports Club in Hilden, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Hohenems, football club in Hohenems, Vorarlberg
  • VfB Homberg, Sports Club in Duisburg, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Hüls, Sports Club in Marl, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Kiel, football club in Kiel, Schleswig -Holstein
  • VfB Kirchhellen, Sports Club in Bottrop, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB 07 blocks, sports club in blocks, Saxony -Anhalt
  • VfB 05 Knielingen, football club in Karlsruhe, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB Königsberg, former football club in Königsberg, East Prussia
  • VfB 06 Langenfeld, football club based in Langenfeld, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB glues, football club in glues, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB Leipzig, former football club in Leipzig, Saxony
  • VfB Legnica, former football club in Legnica, Lower Silesia
  • VfB Lohberg, Sports Club in Dinslaken, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Lübeck, Sports Club in Lübeck, Schleswig -Holstein, especially football
  • VfB Luetzel, Sports Club in Koblenz, Rhineland -Palatinate
  • VfB Marburg, football club based in Marburg, Hesse
  • VfB Mödling, former football club in Mödling, Lower Austria
  • VfB Mühlburg, former football club based in Karlsruhe, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB Neckarrems, Sports Club in Remseck, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB Sperber Neukölln, football club in Berlin
  • VfB Gluckauf Oelsnitz, football club in Oelsnitz / Erzgeb., Saxony
  • VfB 1900 Offenbach, football club in Offenbach am Main, Hesse
  • VfB Oldenburg, Sports Club in Oldenburg, Lower Saxony
  • VfB unit to Pankow, football club in Berlin
  • VfB Peine, Sports Club in Peine, Lower Saxony
  • VfB Pössneck, football club in Pössneck, Thuringia
  • VfB Reichenbach, Sports Club in Reichenbach an der Fils, Baden- Württemberg
  • VfB 06/ 08 Remscheid, Sports Club in Remscheid, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Sangerhausen, Sports Club in Sangerhausen, Saxony -Anhalt
  • VfB Speldorf, football club based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Stuttgart, the eighth largest sports club in Germany
  • VfB Suhl 91, Sports Club in Suhl, Thuringia
  • VfB Theley, football club in Tholey, Saarland
  • VfB Waltrop, football club in Waltrop, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB 1919 Vacha, Sports Club in Vacha, Thuringia
  • VfB 07 Angsleah, football club in Siegen, North Rhine -Westphalia
  • VfB Wissen, football club in knowledge, Rhineland -Palatinate
  • VfB Zittau, football club in Zittau, Saxony
  • VfB Zwenkau 02, football club in Zwenkau, Saxony

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