VG 8020

Philips VG -8020 is an MSX home computer from Philips, which was launched in 1983 to market.


The keyboard of the computer was in contrast to his predecessor, Philips VG -8010 with high quality typewriter keys. The cursor keys are arranged as a separate block. The key scheme corresponded to the U.S. ASCII standard QWERTY. There were no keys for umlauts. The function keys have been limited to five.

The power supply is integrated into the housing. The computer is equipped with a Zilog Z80A processor with a clock frequency of 3.58 MHz and has 64 Kbytes of RAM, of which 29 Kbytes from the BASIC were addressable. The memory was expandable to 128 KB and was additionally from 16K video RAM and 32 Kbytes of ROM. He had thus twice as much memory as the almost simultaneously released Phillips VG- 8010th

At its interfaces included two module ports that were located under a smoke-colored cover. At its interfaces also included a Centronics interface, a cassette port, a video output, an RF antenna connector and two joystick ports on the front panel.

For these computer models from Philips, there was extensive accessories such as monitors, printers, floppy disk station, joysticks, cassette recorder ( D-6600/60P ) and memory upgrade up to 144 Kbytes.

The computer was due to a bug not completely compatible with other MSX- 1 systems, but could be solved with a workaround of a POKE command before starting a program.


  • VG-8020/00 PAL ( qwerty keyboard layout)
  • VG-8020/19 SECAM ( AZERTY keyboard layout)
  • VG-8020/20 PAL ( qwerty keyboard layout) and an expanded motherboard.