VG (nerve agent)

  • O, O -diethyl- S- [2 -diethylaminoethyl ] thiophosphate
  • Amiton
  • Tetramic


110 ° C ( 0.3 hPa)

1.4655 (27 ° C)

0.15 mg · kg -1 ( LD50, rat, s.c )

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VG is a chemical warfare agent from the chemical substance group of Thiophosphoric. It is also known as Amiton or tetramic and is an ancestor of nerve warfare agent VX.

VG is a colorless liquid which was also used as an insecticide. As a nerve agent acts Amiton, like most nerve agents, through the lungs and skin. As warfare agent VG was at no time produced and stored, as there were significant problems in the production, storage and Munitionierung a large scale.