Vi veri universum vivus vici

Vi veri universum vivus vici is a Latin phrase meaning: "By the power of truth I have conquered the universe as a living. " The phrase can also be Vi veri veniversum vivus vici written. It was a magical motto of the English occultist Aleister Crowley as " Magister Templi ".

The statement was made ​​famous by the eponymous film adaptation of the comic V for Vendetta. In the comic book are the letters " VVVVV " in a part of V's hideout, the engraved " Shadow Gallery". In the film, these characters also appear in the shadow gallery, but on a mirror. In the context of the story "V" also stands for the Roman numeral five. The five Vs of saying symbolize the addition. In the comic, no source is for this, unlike in the film version, called. The film calls the " Faust" without concrete, which own. Ordinarily, thus associated with either the fist of Christopher Marlowe or Goethe. However, the motto appears in any of these two works.


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