Via Aemilia Scauri

The Via Aemilia Scauri is a Roman road which gave Marcus Aemilius Scaurus BC the Elder during his tenure as censor in 109 in order.

It ran from Placentia (now Piacenza) to the south over the Ligurian Apennines to Genoa, and from there to the southeast along the coast to Luna ( Luni ) or Pisae ( Pisa) - depending on whether the distance between Luna and Pisae nor the Via Aemilia scauri or already Via Aurelia is attributed. The Via Aemilia Scauri associated it with the Via Aemilia and the Via Postumia in the Po Valley with the Via Aurelia and the Via Cassia and the Via Clodia.

Also, the Via Aemilia Scauri is often attributed to the coastal road from Genoa to Vado Sabatia ( Vado Ligure ) in the southwest. The continuation of this road is certainly the Via Iulia Augusta, which was created under the Emperor Augustus.

For the distance along the coast ( as well as their continuation, Via Iulia Augusta) the name Via Aurelia was in later times then also used as its extension of this part of the Via Aemilia Scauri can be seen from Rome.