Via Clodia

As a Roman road Via Clodia is called, which led from Rome over Clusium ( Chiusi ), Arretium (Arezzo ), Florentia (Florence), Luca (Lucca ) to Luni and found following the Via Aurelia and Via Aemilia Scaura to Genoa.

Originally it was under this name probably only two cuts:

1 a road that began in Rome, on their first 20 kilometers of the Via Cassia was identical and then branched off to the north- north-west, on the west side of Lake Bracciano ( Lacus Sabatinus ) led past by forum Clodii and Blera, and there in a further non- traditional highway ended.

2 a street that was a continuation of the Via Cassia, which went from Rome to Clusium, and had the course above to Luni.

In imperial times the distance between these two pieces was then apparently also referred to as the Via Clodia, the previous name Via Cassia supplanting.