Via Sacra (Wienerwald)

As a Via Sacra ( Sacred Road from the Latin ) of the centuries- old pilgrimage route is generally referred to, by the Vienna Woods leads from Vienna in the Marian shrine of Mariazell. The actual start of the route lies in Mödling. Some of the route is identical to that of the Vienna Wallfahrerweg 06, which also leads from Perchtoldsdorf to Mariazell.

In the twentieth century there was a revival of the ancient pilgrimage tradition. Since the traditional route was no longer accessible for Fußpilger by the Gölsen and Traisental due to the traffic load, the Alpine clubs created a pre-alpine route over Hocheck, Kieneck and Unterberg. Several variants have been and are traditionally celebrated by church groups from Vienna, Burgenland and Lower Austria.

In recent years, a revival of the ancient Via Sacra is sought by the municipalities of Gölsen and Traisental as well as by tourism professionals of the wine district. Therefore distinguish those in a Via Sacra ( = ancient Via Sacra through the Traisen / Gölsental ) and a so-called Wiener Wallfahrerweg ( = Via Sacra of the 20th century. ). Both routes have been re -posted in 2007. What remains is the fact that the route through the street near Gölsen and Traisental and is touristy less interesting than that. Due to the foothills The Via Sacra route Türnitz - Annaberg is still (as of summer 2007) just across the busy state road passable.

On the route that leads from Mödling about Gaaden, Heiligenkreuz, Alland and the pilgrimage Hafnerberg first in the upper Triestingtal and then over the mountain in the court Gölsental and Traisental, you find particularly large number of shrines and shrine. These pilgrimages were earlier an important economic factor for these areas. Many inns along the way lived by the pilgrims.

The region Mostviertel tried using the re-launched Via Sacra to benefit from the pilgrims trend. So concert cycles are carried out in the Vienna Woods communities each year.