Viaggio Air

Viaggio Air was a Bulgarian airline based in Sofia and based on the Sofia Airport.


Viaggio Air was founded on 14 September 2002 and introduced on 27 February 2003 by its first flight with an ATR 42-300 acquired hand. At first she flew especially to Vienna and Budapest, and later routes to Kiev and Athens were planned. However, In 2005, the Bulgarian airline Hemus Air, the airline to 100 % and thus also got the rights to fly to these destinations.

Since 2007, the three Bulgarian Airlines Bulgaria Air, Hemus Air and Viaggio Air were composed wholly owned by Hemus Air with joint control. Since September 2007, all flights were carried out only under flight number of the Bulgaria Air and by early 2009 the brand name Hemus Air and Viaggio Air favor of Bulgaria Air were abandoned. Viaggio Air was dissolved in the sequence.


Finally, the fleet of the Viaggio Air consisted of two aircraft:

  • 2 ATR 42-300