Wiebke (also: Wibke ) is a female first name.


The first name Wiebke is a diminutive of the Frisian name Wiebe for woman, Old Norse vif, so little woman, girl. It is possible that this derives etymologically from "wig " - from strife, struggle, the source location and the context here, however, extremely doubtful.

The Swedish form is eg Viveka. Other forms: Wibke, Wibbke, Wubbke, Wübbke, Wübbecke, Wybke, Vibbeke, Vipcke. The name is often used in the Scandinavian countries.


The name of the cartridge are the Holy Wigbert (August 13, Anglo-Saxon, first abbot of the monastery, founded in 732 Fritzlar followed the call by Winfried Boniface and was a missionary in Hesse and Thuringia. Hesse. † August 13 780) and the Holy Wiborada (2nd May recluse in a cell in St. Gallen and counselor for those seeking help. Died under Beilhieben Hungarian warrior. † May 2 926 )

Name Days: August 13, May 2,

Famous names winners


  • Wibke von Bonin ( b. 1936 ), German art historian and television editor of Fine Art
  • Wibke Bruhns (* 1938), German journalist and novelist,


  • Wiebke Hendriksen (* 1951), German table tennis player,
  • Wiebke Lorenz (born 1972 ), German journalist and novelist,
  • Wiebke Puls ( * 1973), German actress and singer,
  • Wiebke von Thadden (* 1931), German writer,

Last name

  • Karsten Wiebke (* 1938), German politician ( SPD)