Vicky Hartzler

Vicky Jo Hartzler ( born October 13, 1960 in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri) is an American politician. Since 2011, it represents the state of Missouri in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Vicky Hartzler attended to 1979 Archie High School. She then studied until 1983 at the University of Missouri in Columbia and then to 1992 at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. Focus of their studies was pedagogy. Then she taught himself for eleven years at various high schools in Missouri Social Studies; while it was mainly about family and consumer concerns. They also acted as a business woman with farm equipment.

Politically, Hartzler joined the Republican Party. Between 1995 and 2001 she was a Member of the House of Representatives from Missouri. In 2005, she was Chair of the Women's Council of Missouri. In the congressional elections of 2010, she was in the fourth constituency of their state in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC chosen, where they became the successor of Ike Skelton on January 3, 2011. In Congress, she is a member of the Agriculture Committee and the Armed Services Committee and in five sub-committees. Vicky Hartzler is a member of the Republican Party within its Study Committee and the Tea Party Caucus.

She is married and lives privately on a farm in Harrisonville. The couple has an adopted daughter.

Political positions

It is considered a conservative and advocates for tax and spending cuts. She is also a decided opponent of same-sex marriages. Before college kids are Eagle Forum in Washington DC on June 9, 2011 said Hartzler that legalizing same-sex marriage will lead to pedophiles and polygamists also likely to get married soon. In a debate in Missouri April 5, 2012 Hartzler doubted the authenticity of the birth certificate of Barack Obama .. Hartzler advocated, to intensify "enmity with China." In September 2013 Hartzler voted to reduce benefits in the amount of 39 billion dollars. Hartzler itself is a recipient of grants and have conceded in this manner even to this day 800,000.