Victor and Corona

The Holy Corona ( alternate spelling: corona ) or Stephana (c. 160 in Egypt or Syria; † 177) is an early Christian martyr. She is the patroness of money, butchers and treasure hunter. The patronage in money matters it owes its name, which in German means "crown", a name for various currencies.


According to tradition, the sacred Corona suffered at the time of persecution of Christians martyred at the age of 16 years together with St. Victor of Siena, a soldier. While this was martyred, came the bride of one of his comrades to him, comforted and encouraged him. For this reason, she was arrested and interrogated. Finally, they tied their tormentors between two palm trees bent down, they ripped the skyrocketing. Victor was beheaded. Other sources report that Corona was Victor 's wife.


The Memorial of St.. Corona is 14 May, and occasionally February 20th. Special worship is given to the saints in Austria and in Eastern Bavaria, where her various pilgrimages are devoted, as St. Corona am Schöpfl, St. Corona am Wechsel and the Sanctuary Handlab. Even in medieval Bremen Cathedral, were placed on the 965 relics of the saint, there must have been a significant corona cult, suggest pilgrims found token and three sculptures in the cathedral as here.

In the Strasbourg Cathedral, it provides a lead glass windows of the 14th century in a long dress with jacket and veil represents the martyr's palm in her left hand. Later accounts, they show how it extends to a beggar a coin or holds a money box in the right hand.

The Corona Prayer, also called crown prayer, is a folk magic ritual, which was especially popular in the 17th and 18th centuries and was used for the detection of hidden treasures. It is found in several magic books, including the 6th and 7th Book of Moses. The treasure lifting prayers were sold by purported magical experts as a supposedly secure means for acquiring huge wealth. Litigation of the early modern period, which deal with magical treasure hunting, the offense does not settle mostly in the realm of magic to, but consider it a scam. In addition to Corona and the Saint Christopher was a popular saint of the treasure hunters.