Victor Loret

Victor Loret ( born September 1, 1859 in Paris, † February 3, 1946 ) was a French Egyptologist.

Loret studied with Gaston Maspero at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes. Loret in 1881 went to Egypt. There he worked for a time for the Egyptologists Eugène Lefébure, where he gained considerable knowledge of the Valley of the Kings. In 1897 he became head of the Egyptian Antiquities Authority. In the years 1898 and 1899 he discovered in short intervals, the tombs of the Pharaohs Thutmose I ( KV38 ) Tuthmosis III. ( KV34 ) and Amenhotep II ( KV35 ), three of the oldest and most important tombs in the Valley of the Kings.