Victor Ostrovsky

Victor Ostrovsky (Hebrew ויקטור אוסטרובסקי Wiktor Ostrowski; born November 28, 1949 in Edmonton, Canada), is a former agent of Mossad and author, who became famous as a writer in Canada, the United States and in Germany.

Curriculum vitae

Victor Ostrovsky is the son of an Israeli and a Canadian Jewish descent. He spent his youth in Israel and was charged with 18 youngest officer in the Israeli armed forces. Initially active in the Naval Intelligence of the Israeli Navy, he was recruited by the Mossad in the early 1980s.

He worked four years for this service, most recently as Katsa, foreign agents use guide. In early 1986, the Mossad was the landing of a Libyan Gulfstream II aircraft in suspected terrorist leaders were, force on board. The operation failed because the Mossad was deceived on site at the Libyan airport. However, Ostrovsky was blamed for the failure of the operation, as he had been used as a stopover for passing a message. Ostrovsky was moved to an account of that operation to the resignation, on the other hand played his disillusionment an important role. He fled the convocation in the Israeli army; with stops in London and the United States took him back to Canada.

Journalistic activity

Along with Claire Hoy ( b. 1940 ), one of Canada's best-known journalists, he wrote a book about his service with the Mossad, By Way of Deception ( German Title: The Mossad ). Hoy himself is the author of several sensational books, including 1987 Friends in High Places, a tell-all book about the political scandals and affairs in the reign of the Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

In the fall of 1990, the Israeli government tried to leave prohibit the publication of Ostrovsky's book By Way of Deception in the United States by injunction. For the first time attempted a sovereign state, to prevent the appearance of a book in the United States legally. The application was dismissed by a U.S. court of last resort.

Then Ostrovsky was about two years boycotted by the North American media and publishers.

Theme of Ostrovsky's books are reports of Mossad operations, such as Operation Sphinx, the destruction of the Osirak nuclear test reactor in southern Iraq in June 1981 by Israeli warplanes.

In his second book, Secret Files Mossad ( Original title: The Other Side of Deception ), Ostrovsky speaks of burglary at American aircraft manufacturers, a campaign of defamation against, among others the former Wehrmacht officer and former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, and especially of a complication of the Mossad in the Barschel affair. His statements to the latter were matched by the Zurich toxicologists Hans Brandenberger with the chemical data that has found this created in his 1994 after the autopsy by Uwe Barschels corpse opinions and Brandenberger in an essay in the world on Sunday ( 21 November 2010) declared as applicable. Brandenberger said it, in contrast to other confessors declarations " Ostrovsky describes a scenario that is amazingly good agreement with the analysis of data "; Striking details in Ostrovsky's report, for example, rectal supply of sedatives and strategically applied, time-delayed administration of medications, were reflected accurately reflect the chemical evidence. Contrast, has been critically noted that Ostrovsky could possibly fall back while writing his book on the first report Brandenberger's from 1994. On 22 December 1994, the Lübeck prosecution had listed a variety of reasons why the report of Ostrovsky does not coincide with the facts known to it.

Ostrovsky welcomed the supposedly scientific confirmation of his statements: " if a scientist is my presentation, that's great. But it does not surprise me. I know that it was so, " Ostrovsky said the world on Sunday.

In the movie Spy Game - The Final Countdown on CIA agent in the Middle East, on whose screenplay he was involved with, many descriptions of the agents training from his first book Mossad were taken.

In addition to these two non-fiction books and participation in scriptwriting Ostrovsky published two novels Lion of Judah ( German: In the service of the Mossad ) and Black Ghosts, which also make reference to his intelligence experience.

In addition, Victor Ostrovsky 's artistic work as a painter and maintains a gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In the extreme right-wing monthly magazine First! appeared in issue 1 /2012 interview with him. Quote from their web site: " Wolves and Sheep Victor Ostrovsky worked for four years for the Israeli secret service " Mossad ". In witty conversation with FIRST! he describes the tricks and techniques of foreign services ".


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