Victorian architecture

The term Victorian architecture dates back to the English-speaking countries and describes as an overarching term the prevailing architectural styles during the Victorian era, so the long period of reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. These flow in the history of architecture appeared on the European continent as historicism appearance.

This designation includes:

  • In the Romantic period (1820-1880): Neoclassicism, Classicism compare
  • Gothic Revival
  • Italianate - style
  • Victorian architecture in the narrower sense (1860-1900): Second Empire
  • Stick Style
  • Queen Anne Style
  • Shingle Style
  • Richardsonian Romanesque, Romanesque Revival (includes the Richardsonian Revival with a )
  • Folk Victorian
  • Other: Neo - Grec
  • Renaissance Revival, Renaissance Revival compare
  • Jacobethan architecture ( forerunner of the Queen Anne Styles)
  • Scottish Baronial
  • The British Arts and Crafts movement
  • Painted Ladies

The architecture also characterizes much of the east coast of the United States. About the largest collection of Victorian mansions outside England has the city of Louisville (Kentucky).