Video (disambiguation)

Video (Latin: I see ) stands for:

  • Video clip, a short audiovisual sequence
  • Music video, a short film, which serves the visual accompaniment of a song
  • Video technology, electronic process for recording and playback of still or moving images Videotape, a disk for electronic motion picture storage
  • DVD - Video, a digital media for moving images
  • HD DVD (High Density DVD), a potential successor to the DVD with greater storage density
  • Blu -ray Disc ( BD), the successor to DVD for storage of video content
  • Video camera, film camera, an electronic
  • Video disk, digital media for moving pictures, see comparison of optical data carriers
  • Video format, a standard for digital encoding for images
  • Video Art
  • Video ( magazine ), a magazine about entertainment electronics

See also:

  • Videoconferencing, integration of video into the telephony system
  • Vlog, podcasting, integration of video into a blog
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