Vidraru Dam

The Vidraru Dam (Romanian: Barajul Vidraru ) is a dam in Romania. It was built in 1965 on Arges ( Argisch ).

The shut-off is an arch dam, which is founded upon a rock. It was built to produce hydroelectricity. The river is dammed here to Vidraru dam. The dam is 166 meters high and 305 meters long and the volume of the reservoir is 465 million cubic meters.

The lake is located in the valley between the Fruntii and Ghitu Mountains. Its other tributaries are Capra, Buda and some other small ( Raul Doamnei, Cernatul and Valsanul, Topologul, Valea lui Stan and Limpedea ). The lake is 10.3 km long, has a circumference of 28 km and is in the area of ​​Valea Lupului and Calugarita up to 2.2 km wide.

The dam construction lasted five and a half years. It was 42 km underground tunnel necessary, excavation of 1.768 million cubic meters of rock, of which about 1 million from the underground, 930,000 cubic meters of concrete, of which 400,000 cubic meters of underground and also were 6300 tons of electro-mechanical equipment installed.

At the time of completion, it was at the height measured at approximately the 8th in Europe and 20th in the world. In an average hydrological year can produce about 400 GWh of electricity the Vidraru hydroelectric plant. It has an installed capacity of 220 MW.

From the dam you can go on bungee jumps.