Vienna Capitals

Austrian Champion 2005

The Vienna Capitals are a Established in 2000, Austrian ice hockey team from Vienna and play in the Austrian Bundesliga.

The home games of "Caps " will be held in the Albert- Schultz -Halle. In the season 2004/ 05 the Vienna Capitals won in the best- of- seven series against the EC KAC their first championship of its existence.

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First years in the Bundesliga

The Vienna Capitals participated in the 2001/ 02 season for the first time at the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga in part and reached the playoffs. With good performance, they established themselves in mid-table and reached at the end of the basic passage to fourth place. In the quarterfinals, she sweepten the Graz 99ers with 4-0 victories in the semifinals and met on the EHC Linz. This series lost the Capitals in four games and said goodbye so out of season.

For the following season, some changes in the squad have been made, but the team did not manage to find consistent performances and ended the regular season in second to last place in the table. Since this season all teams were qualified for the playoffs, the Capitals met in the quarter-finals for the title defenders EC VSV and lost the series with 2:3 victories. The season 2003/ 04 ended with one point behind fourth place on the fifth. Since only the first four teams were qualified for the playoffs, the season for the Capitals for the first time was ended after the regular season.

The first league title

Due to the unsatisfactory cutting in the 2003/04 season the squad has been revised. Most important change was the obligation of the DEL Legionary Frédéric Chabot for the position of the goalkeeper. Although the team did not start ideally in the season, but coach Jim Boni managed to form a tight-knit unit gradually from the team. From the mid-term of the basic passage got off to Vienna a winning streak and ended the regular season with eight points ahead of the runner-up, the EC KAC, topped. In the semifinals, the capital city of the EC VSV defeated in four games and met in the final of the EC KAC. The first six games of the final series won the respective Away team until Jim grabbed bonuses for the decisive seventh game to a trick. He left the Capitals at this home game accrues with the Away Dressen. The Capitals won the seventh final game 6-2 and won their first league title in their history.

The years after

For the following season, there were some changes again. Chabot left the team and was replaced by Jeff Maund. The Caps started a little awkward in the season and the situation was further complicated by maunds request for the termination of his contract. As a result, Walter Bartholomew took over his position and also showed good performance. At the end of the main passage managed the team one point ahead in the playoffs. In the semifinals, the Vienna documents with 1:4 wins the EC Red Bull Salzburg. This a victory for the Capitals had been reached on green table. Since the Salzburg had the Legionnaire Patrick Thoresen not properly notified, the third game of the series was ( the Salzburg won 6-3 had ) criminal verified 5-0 in favor of the Capitals.

The squad problem

The Board of Directors was a major disadvantage become clear by the failures of recent years, which the capital compared with other Bundesliga teams were: the lack of offspring. Because on the one hand, the infrastructure of the City of Vienna did not permit permanent training company and on the other hand, there were also no more cooperation partners after the end of the EHC team Vienna Capitals president Schmid made ​​a new advance. For the 2007 /08 season, the existing Legionnaire control that allowed each EBEL team the obligation of five transfer card players, tilted. As a substitute for this came the so-called Points rule. With the revisions in the squad was retreaded.

With Jean -François Labbé an experienced keeper was obliged to come with Dan Bjornlie and Peter Casparsson excellent defender. In the storm was committed with Marcel and David Rodman and Aaron Fox, a complete striker line from HK Jesenice. Kelly Fairchild and Pascal Rheaume reinforced the team in addition, so that the Capitals with a total of ten legionaries and four naturalized players called Austros, started into the season. After six inserts itself Labbé injured and fell for the rest of the season. The club management was looking for a suitable replacement. After Günther Hell had not complied with the ideas, the Capitals were successful with Sébastien Charpentier. However, this also injured in the current season and was briefly replaced by Kelly Guard.

At the end of the main passage occupied the Vienna equal points with the leaders of Linz second place. In the second round drew to a new problem from: through the many transfer card players who consumed four to sixty points to limited quota, the squad blanket was very thin, had to be so in parts played with only two and a half lines. After the HC Innsbruck was defeated in four games in the quarter-finals, the team lost in the semifinals to eventual champion all games Salzburg.

Capitals President Hans Schmid tried after this season, also to abolish the rule points to the future freely undertake the players. This sparked heated discussions among the clubs from, where was also argued by the EU labor that every hockey player allows the free choice of employment, so any regulation would be unlawful. This debate continues to this day, but has so far no changes to the system.

For the season 2008/09, expenditure on the squad have been reduced. By some Legionaries in the form of the trio Patrick Lebeau, Juha Riihijärvi and Benoit Gratton, the Vienna again for the title. The regular season has finished in second place behind the EC KAC. In the quarterfinals, the team met the Graz 99ers. After the Capitals led 3-1 victories, it the company from Graz, nor compensate. In the seventh game of the series was secured with a 5-1 win the semi-finals. There met the Vienna to the EC Red Bull Salzburg and lost the series in five games.

The following two seasons looked pretty much alike. Both times showed the Wiener good performances in the main round and joined them on the third rank, but also both playoff appearances ended again in the semifinals against the EC Red Bull Salzburg. While Gratton and the 2010 newly added François Fortier established themselves as top players in the league, also young Viennese players were gradually brought back to the club or integrated from the forced young into the first team. With the end of the 2010/11 season Kevin Gaudet ended his involvement with the Viennese and was replaced by the Sweden Tommy Samuelsson.

To prepare for the following season, the Capitals took the first time at the European Trophy 2011, a squat with top European teams invitational tournament, in part. The Vienna offered attractive benefits and were able to win three out of eight games. The home games in the European Trophy was first held in 7000 removed to places Albert - Schultz- ice rink. The Championship 2011/12 was for the Vienna Capitals but then disappointing and the high expectations could not be met by far. Blame for this included the numerous purchasing errors, the serious violation of crowd favorite Raphael Rotter and the surprising retirement of Harald Ofner. After the regular season occupied the Vienna only the 8th place which had a gear in the qualifying round of the episode. Nevertheless, it was held at coach Tommy Samuelsson, thanks to a runaway victory on the final day of the qualifying round this eventually led from the capital in the play-off. There, however, the Capitals failed in the quarterfinals despite an increase in output in seven games to the eventual champions from Linz.

Club statistics

(* ) Excluding second round

Legend: W = Win, L = Loss in regulation time, NNV = Losses after Overtime or shootout, win % = percentage of the total possible points achieved, TVH = Goal difference, PKT = Points, PT = points with division points for half of the season


Squad of the 2013/14 season

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Significant former teams

EBEL Champion 2004 /05


Internal club records

Statistics since the Bundesliga rise in the 2001/ 02 season. Included are all preliminary rounds and play- off games.



Significant former players

( Team membership and position in brackets)

  • Canada Frédéric Chabot (2004/ 05, goalkeeper )
  • Canada Mike Craig (2003-2007, attack)

Participation of players on the All- Star team



The home of the Vienna Capitals is the approximately 4,500 spectators comprehensive Albert -Schultz -Halle in Vienna's Danube city. In February 2009 it was announced that the capacity of the hall to 7,000 spectators will be expanded. The renovation work is expected to begin after the 2008/ 09 season and be completed before the 2010/11 season. In addition to increasing the capacity of a parking garage to be built, in the hall new video screens and VIP boxes are planned. The roofing of the free ice surface to create better conditions for the next generation. The cost of the renovation is estimated at 40 million euros

Average attendance

  • Season 2003/2004: 3,590 spectators per home game
  • Season 2004/2005: 3,710 spectators per home game
  • Season 2005/2006: 3,852 spectators per home game
  • Season 2006/2007: 3,991 spectators per home game
  • Season 2007/2008: 4,045 spectators per home game
  • Season 2008/2009: 3,568 spectators per home game
  • Season 2009/2010: 3,918 spectators per home game

Club culture


The Vienna Capitals have four registered fan clubs: ICEFIRE, Vienna hockey fans, optimists and cab caps.


The mascot of the capital was to 2011 Captain Cap, a character in the form of a flaming hockey puck. With Pucky the clown was tried in vain to establish a more mobile counterparts. From 2011 to the beginning of the season 2013/14 season the mascot was nameless. Since September 8, 2013 called the Cheetah Capitano.