Viewing angle

The point of view refers to the perspective, be considered under the certain things or the direction that results from a particular point of view.


The angle of view ( engl. viewing angle), is a colloquial term for the visual direction to a visual target. Sometimes the point of view is also referred to as a view angle to define the critical angle to the central axis, with which a liquid-crystal screen even considered (that is, good reading ) can be. Often this limit is defined by an underflow of the contrast ratio of 10:1, although other limits or color distortions might be good reason for such restriction. Desirable high values ​​of 178 ° or / -89 °. This perspective is technically justified not only in horizontal and vertical direction separately, the overall function of the azimuth angle of the viewing direction.

According to ISO 13406-2 is the viewing angle is the angle between the Frankfort horizontal plane and the plane formed by the pupil and the visual fixation point on a display ( ISO13406 -2 3.3.6 ).

In the field of visual displays (English visual displays ) the viewing conditions are indicated by the viewing direction or the direction of view. This is the direction between a visual fixation point on the screen and an observer is assumed to be one-eyed.

The range of directions within which the performance of a certain indicator ( application dependent ) demands are met (eg, minimum contrast, minimum luminance, color uniformity, etc. ) is determined by the Sehrichtungsbereich or viewing direction range ( engl. viewing cone ) specified. The visual or the viewing direction is indicated by two polar angle, the tilt angle theta (relative to the surface normal by the visual fixation point on the display ) and the azimuth angle phi (with respect to a reference axis in the display area, often to the horizontal ).


Under perspective refers to the eye, the deflection of the eyeballs, the maximum viewing angle limited the field of view (but differs therefrom the field ). For each eye, the angle of view is only about 150 °. By restricting the view, the nose contour, for example, the overlapping field of view and especially the common field of view is further limited for spatial vision. For comparison, the Scharfsehzone of the visual field comprises only 1.5 °.

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