As a viewport (translated as view port ) is depending on the application, a section of an image, a video, a virtual or real world called, or available for the display area.


In programming, the display area is referred to in the application, which stands for the representation of application content actually available window as viewport.

So true about web design the rule "Screen Resolution> Desktop Size> browser window size > display area ( viewport).

Content outside the viewport are not visible because of the clippings.

Graphics and CAD programs, cartography

For graphics and CAD programs we speak next viewport also view areas viewports ( AutoCAD) or different views; in cartography, it is a custom window can be accessed through the parts of the map database, as it is also used for example in the controls to use Google Maps or similar applications.

Video editing

In video technology, the viewport defines the detail of the filmed material which is actually visible in the finished film.


The term appears among others in the field of Fernspäher that can only see excerpts of the situation through a hatch or a viewport in their observations from a bunker or observation post also.

Music, MIDI technology

In music, the MIDI Viewport is a part of the MIDI information is also responsible for the presentation of the text output.