Vijay Vazirani

Vijay Vazirani Virkumar ( born April 20, 1957) is an Indian -born American computer scientist.

Vazirani studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( bachelor's degree, 1979) and received his doctorate in 1983 at the University of California, Berkeley with Manuel Blum ( maximum matchings without blossoms ). In the 1990s he was a professor at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi. He is a professor of computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has been a visiting professor at Berkeley.

Vazirani was concerned with the development of approximation algorithms ( such as Jain - Vazirani algorithm in the Facility Location 2001), pairing algorithms (matching) in graph theory ( with Silvio Micali he found in 1980 an improved algorithm for maximum pairings in graphs), Complexity Theory ( where he met Leslie Valiant 1985 an important theorem proved ), cryptography, coding theory, algorithmic game theory and quantum computer science.

His brother Umesh Vazirani is computer science professor at Berkeley. Both are since 2005 Fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM ).

His father V.N. Vazirani was a professor of Civil Engineering.


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