Vila Velebita

Oj ti vilo, vilo Velebita, ti našeg roda diko! Tvoja slava jeste nama sveta, Tebi Hrvat viko.

Velebite, Krsna goro naša, rad 'u Tebi volujem! Sam 'da nema u Tebi rovaša, radi kojih bolujem.

Velebite, vilovito stijenje, ljubim tvoje smilje; ljubim tvoga u Gorici Vuka ličkoga hajduka.

Oh you Vila, Vila of Velebit, You pride of our race! Your fame is sacred to us, calls to you the Croatian.

[ ... ] [ ... ] [ ... ] [ ... ]

Velebit, you rock the Vilen, I love your Immortelle; I love your wolf in the mountains the footmen of Lika.

The song Vila Velebita ( Vila of Velebit ), is a Croatian folk song from the second half of the 19th century, the time of the Illyrian movement. Subject of the song is an allegorical Vila Velebit, a female nature spirit of Slavic mythology, in the form of a beautiful girl.

The first public performance of the song took place in 1882 in Zagreb on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Croatian singing society " Kolo " instead. The authors of the text and the melody of the song are unknown. According to sources, the text by the poet Danilo Medić or Lavoslav Vukelić and the melody by the composer Mijo Majer should come.

The first record of text and melody of the song is from the year 1893, when the Croatian historian Vjekoslav Klaić it up in his "Croatian Songbook " (Hrvatska pjesmarica ). The melody and the text of the first verse of the song he took the records of Vjenceslav Novak, who had recorded the song in the way as it was sung in the town of Senj.

At the time of socialist Yugoslavia was the singing of Vila Velebita, because of the supposedly nationalist text, lead to criminal prosecution. It was, however, continue to sing in private celebrations, especially weddings. Despite possible criminal prosecution, the song was never officially indexed, but could only at the time of the Croatian Spring, the first to be produced and sold as a 7 "single - record in Yugoslavia. In 1971 four students and a dental technician were prosecuted because they painted public singing the songs Lijepa naša, Marjane, Marjane and Vila Velebita a rock with a Croatian coat of arms.


  • One of the first two school ships of the Maritime School of Bakar (founded in 1849) was called " Vila Velebita ". With this, since 1908 in the service of the maritime school sailing ship, the first Croatian scientific and oceanographic expeditions were undertaken. It could accommodate 40 cadets who could perform on board navigation and sailors activities. That since 1973 went into service training ship of the maritime school, named " Vila Velebita II" ( built in 1956 in Zadar).


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