Villa Haas

The villa Haas is a historic villa in meaning in the Lahn- Dill-Kreis on the western edge of the Hörre and at the foot of the Natural Park Lahn- Dill-Bergland.

The villa, the park and the surrounding overall system " Hansastraße / Rudolfstraße " are cultural monuments due to their historical and artistic importance.

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Manor house, outbuildings ( shed ) and park go back to a draft Herborner architect Ludwig Hofmann ( 1862-1933 ), the Privy Councillor of Commerce Rudolf Haas, owner of the opposite Neuhoffnungshütte, 1892 awarded the construction.


Rudolf Haas ( * 1843 † 1916) led the Neuhoffnungshütte W. Ernst Haas & Sohn. He invested forward-looking and campaigned for technical innovation. The Neuhoffnungshütte at Sinn operation ironstone mining and an iron foundry with stove and oven manufacturing, puddling, sawmill and mill Hufeisenfabrik, Stangenblankzieherei, wire drawing, wire nail factory and brass and copper forging for boiler furnaces as a mining entrepreneur Rudolf Haas was a co-founder of the Association of Iron and Steel Institute (now steel VDEh ) and member of the prestigious Wiesbaden Nassau Association for natural History.

Dr. jur. Rudolf Otto Haas ( b. 1878 † 1956) took over the management of the company in 1916 as managing partner until 1938. He was a board member of the Commerce and Industry Chamber Dillenburg and the local employers' association.

His successor, Dr. jur. Helmut Prawitz (* 1893 † 1982), long-time president of the Chamber of Commerce Dillenburg, recipient of the Order of Merit in 1954 and an honorary citizen of the community sense in 1968 lived in the villa until 1976.


Among the stylistic elements of the two-storey high-volume property comprises richly carved stone formations above the base level, edged with sandstone window and gable motifs that are based on the German Renaissance Revival. Picturesque act the roof and gabled dormers with formations, several balconies ( upper chamber ), coupled window ( biforium ) and the narrow bell tower. Also, the superior stair tower with roof helmet, mining icon and lead glass windows with motifs of the Rhine romanticism of the German landscape painter Johann Heinrich Schilbach as well as the detailed facades reinforce this impression. Protect values ​​components are also a small pavilion ( tea house ) and the wrought iron main entrance.

From the vestibule, the interior opens up about three floors. Even today, original features such as terrazzo floors, stucco, wall paneling and parquet are obtained. Fireplaces are provided in part by neo-classical applications of natural stone such as marble Lahn, Belgian granite, etc., but also neohistoristische elements with large ceramics and motives of the Renaissance so popular zodiac signs have been added.


Its special features include a cistern with an upstream filter chamber, under the pavilion stick iron green house (now the Winter Garden ) is located. Next include a dumbwaiter, a second ice house, a lobster tank for Fischhälterung with new electrical ventilation and an electric storage heating to the then exceptional facilities. A Perrot, Calw retrofitted with electromagnetic percussion clock tower is still in function. The movement with hours counts ( Vienna beat) indicates two bells in the bell and art foundry Rincker quarter and full hours.


The Grade II listed garden contains rare plants, shrubs and trees, many stylistic elements and staffages the historicist parks like ruin with ice-house, grotto, covered walkways, Mirror Pond, Rondell, fountains, worm gear which leads to an artificial hill, cherubs etc.

The park is one of the few remaining creations of historicism and has over a hundred different species of plants. He's part of the territory Beilstein / Hörre, which was described by Johann Daniel Leers in his " Flora Herbornensis " in biodiversity with exact locations in 1775. These listings are by Karl Löber " of unsurpassed accuracy and still allow an effortless appeal ."





Ice house ( plan)

View from Southwest


Winter garden, cistern, arcade

Wrought iron main gate

Chinese Teahouse