Villa Volta

Exterior view of Villa Volta

The Villa Volta is a Mad House, which was built in 1996 in the Dutch theme park Efteling. Villa Volta is the first modern Mad House in the world.


The approximately 4.5 million euro expensive attraction was created in cooperation with the Dutch company Vekoma, which transposed the concept of historical witches swings that have been around since the late 19th century with modern technology.

For the theming of the attraction of the former creative director Ton van de Ven and his team were responsible. The music of the attraction composed Ruud Bos, who had already worked for the theme cruises Carnaval Festival, mirage and Droomvlucht with Efteling.

Content- based

The attraction tells the story of the aged robber Hugo van Duinen de Loon, who is cursed as punishment for his misdeeds as a member and leader of the band of robbers De Bokkerijders of a fairy. Since then, it haunts his house.

The Bokkenrijders, called in German Bockreiter, it was actually in the 18th century.

Structure of attraction

The Villa Volta is divided into three parts; the main show and two Vorshows. In the Vorshows the visitors ' understanding of the story. In the first room, this is done by means of a radio play, in which villagers can be heard talking about the dreaded gang of robbers. In the second pre-show visitors to the main character Hugo meet in person; he tells them in the form of a animatronic, as it came to his curse.

The actual " ride " which then follows as the last part, takes 2 minutes and 43 seconds. Overall, the program takes about 13 minutes.


  • In the second pre-show room there is a portrait of Ton van de Ven. It hangs there since his retirement in 2002
  • In 2010, the complete drive system of the attraction had to be replaced