Villarrica Lake

Lake Villarrica is a large lake in southern Chile.

It is located in the IX Region ( Región de la Araucanía ). The lake is located between the cities of Villarrica and Pucon. South of the Sea of known active volcano Villarrica is with 2840 m height.

The Lago Villarrica has an area of ​​approximately 176 km ², with a length of 23 km and a maximum depth of 165 m. At the lake there are many beautiful beaches. He is the source of the River Toltén.

To the east of the lake are two national parks, the National Park Villarrica and the National Park Huerquehue.


The area was part of the 1604-1881 power range of the Mapuche. Only in 1883 was the city of Pucón and then shortly after, the city of Villarrica are founded.

The area was again destroyed by eruptions of the Villarrica volcano. The first recorded eruption was in 1558. 1575 the city of Villarrica was destroyed by an earthquake, with 350 inhabitants died. Other major outbreaks followed in 1640 and 1948. 1971 there was a mudslide, which was produced by melting of ice and hot lava. The mudslide destroyed a row of houses, agricultural land and bridges.

In the very strong earthquake of 22 May 1960, the lake overflowed its banks and destroyed many houses near the shore.


The lake is ideal for sailing and fishing. Trips to the national parks and the volcano Villarrica are very popular. In addition, there are hot springs in the area.


The tourism, fishing and forestry play an important role in the area.