Villarsel -sur -Marly (? Freiburg Patois Vèrlachi / i ) is a municipality in the District de la Sarine ( German: Sarine district) of the Canton of Fribourg in Switzerland. The former German name of Willi shear and Villarsel whether Merten laughter are no longer used today.


Villarsel -sur -Marly is located on 736 m above sea level. Level, 6 km south of the capital of the canton of Fribourg (air line). The scattered settlement municipality extends to an inclined towards the north slope above the valley of Ärgera (French: Gérine ), in the Alpine foothills zone of Fribourg Mittelland.

The area of ​​1.4 km ² large municipality area includes a portion of the pre-Alpine hills east of the Sarine river trench. The northern boundary runs here and there along the course of the river Ärgera; in the east, the area is limited by its left tributary Nesslerabach. From the valleys to the communal land extends southward through a steep forest slope on the height at Villarsel and reaches above the homestead La Rochette with 761 m above sea level. M. the highest elevation of Villarsel -sur -Marly. From the municipality surface 1997 4 % came from settlements, 19 % of forest and shrubs, 75 % to agriculture and slightly more than 2% was unproductive land.

Villarsel -sur -Marly consists of various Hofsiedlungen and individual farms; Center of the village is La Commandery. Neighboring communities of Villarsel -sur -Marly Marly are, Pierrafortscha, Tentlingen, Le Mouret and Ependes.


With 84 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) Villarsel -sur -Marly is one of the smallest municipalities in the canton of Fribourg. Of the 89.2 % inhabitants are French-speaking, German-speaking 6.8 % and 4.0 % speak Italian ( as of 2000). The population of Villarsel -sur -Marly 1900 amounted to 87 inhabitants. After peaking in 1940 with 95 inhabitants, the population increased to 1980 due to strong migration by more than 50 % to 46 persons. Only since a significant population growth was recorded again.


Villarsel -sur -Marly still lives by agriculture, especially dairy farming and cattle breeding. In recent years, the village has developed into a residential community. Many workers are therefore commuters who work mainly in the region of Freiburg.


The community is conveniently comparatively quite well developed. It is only a little off the main road from Fribourg to Bulle via La Roche. By bus Transports Publics Fribourgeois that lead from Fribourg to Bulle via La Roche or Jaun, Villarsel -sur -Marly is connected to the public transport network.


In the Middle Ages Villarsel -sur -Marly was under the rule Arconciel. The St. John in Freiburg owned land within the municipality. At the latest in 1442 came Villarsel -sur -Marly under the rule of Freiburg and the Old Landscape ( Burgpanner ) has been assigned. After the collapse of the ancien régime (1798 ) belonged to the village during the Helvetic the district of La Roche and from 1803 to the district of Freiburg, before it was incorporated in 1848 with the new cantonal constitution in the Sarine district.


In Villarsel -sur -Marly is a representative farm, which was built in the period 1729-1733.