Vils (Naab)

Course of Vils east of the Franconian Alb

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The Vils is a right tributary of the Naab in Eastern Bavaria in the Upper Palatinate.

He springs from the Vilsquelle in small Schönbrunn, community Freihung, and flows in the further course, the municipalities ( or cities / markets) Vilseck, Hahnenbach, Poppenricht, Amberg, Kummersbruck, Ensdorf, vineyards and Schmidmühlen and flows 78 km away at Kallmunz in the Naab. The slope is approximately 0.5 to 1.5 per thousand.

In the Middle Ages was operated on the river shipping, what there were numerous weirs. With so-called Vils - flattening were transported from Amberg to Regensburg iron products. The goal was the Danube harbor at Amberger Stadel above the Stone Bridge. On the way back they were transported mainly salt. In 1996 they built in Amberg state garden show for old documents such Vils - flattening after; these are used again for excursions.

Today the Vils is a good example of restoration measures. The flow is routed over long distances back to its old bed and meanders peacefully through a river valley in the Upper Palatinate Jura. The weirs are used for energy production and are currently being provided with so-called fish climbing to ensure the continuity of the river for fish. In addition, the Vils is a designated canoe trail.

The Vils is one of the rivers that form a circular cycle route at 5 Rivers bike trail. The route meets from Sulzbach -Rosenberg coming in Amberg near the bridge on the Erzberg Vils and continues downstream.


  • Frankenohe ( at Gressenwöhr )
  • Wiesenlohbach ( Mrs. Brunn )
  • Schmalnohe ( Mrs. Brunn )
  • Kainsbach (in freshwater )
  • Leherbach ( in freshwater )
  • Rosenbach ( at Poppenricht )
  • Gebenbach ( at Neumühlestrasse )
  • Ammerbach ( Amberg )
  • Krumbach ( in Haselmühl )
  • Lauterach ( in Schmidmühlen )
  • Trout stream ( Rohrbach )

Vilstal trail

The Vils has the district of Amberg -Sulzbach marked - scenic and economically. In the northern part of the wide valleys Vilsecker and cock Bacher trough the Vils prepare her bed, from Amberg she has a deep Kastental invested in the Jura Mountains.

As a string of pearls, the small towns and villages lined the banks of the Vils together. They look to the part back on a more than 1000 -year history.

In the Middle Ages had the Vils as a transport route for the semifinished product ( prefabricated iron ) in the " Ruhr of the Middle Ages " of great importance. Many (Hammer Men's ) palaces, monasteries and churches are witnesses of the still art and cultural historical wealth.

Sections of the trail:

Section 1 (16 km): Small Schoenbrunn - Vilseck

Section 2 ( 22 km): Vilseck - Altmannshof

Section 3 (15,5 km): Altmannshof - Theuern

Section 4 (20,5 km): Theuern - Schmidmühlen

Section 5 (15 km): Schmidmühlen - Kallmunz