Vincent Peillon

Vincent Peillon (* July 7, 1960 in Suresnes ) is a French politician of the Parti Socialiste (PS). Peillon was included as Minister of Education, Youth and Sports in the cabinet of Jean -Marc Ayrault on 16 May 2012.


Vincent Peillon is the son of the banker Gilles Peillon (1928-2007), the Director General of Banque Commerciale pour l'Europe du Nord at times - Euro Bank, a company controlled by the USSR Bank was. His grandfather is müttlicherseits Léon Blum ( 1872-1950 ). An uncle müttlicherseits is the endocrinologist Étienne -Émile Baulieu (* 1926).

Peillon studied philosophy. From 1997 to 2002 Peillon was a deputy in the French National Assembly. From 2004 to 2012 has been Peillon Member of the European Parliament.

A few days after his appointment as Minister of Education in France Peillon announced as one of its first projects to submit a bill in the fall of 2012, with the, again abolished introduced under Sarkozy in 2008 reducing the weekly school days for elementary school students, which included four days of school with a school-free Wednesday and going back to a 5 -day week.

On the orders of Vincent Peillon is since September 9, 2013 in all French public school a charter de la laïcité à l' école (Charter of secularism in schools ) attached to the bulletin board.