Vincent Rousseau

Vincent Rousseau ( born July 29, 1962 in Mons ) is a former Belgian long-distance runner. At a height of 1.76 m his competition weight was 60 kg.

At the World Athletics Championships 1987 in Rome Rousseau finished third in 5000 -meter run 5th place

He celebrated his biggest international success in 1993 when he won with 1:01:06 the world title in the half marathon in Brussels. In the same year he set up his personal bests in the 5000m ( 13:10,99 min) and 10,000 m ( 27:23,18 min).

In 1994 he won the Rotterdam Marathon and was at the European Championships in Helsinki in 1994 over 10,000 m second behind the Spaniard Abel Antón.

In 1995 he presented as the Second Berlin Marathon with 2:07:20 min on the current Belgian record.

1985 and 1993 Vincent Rousseau was elected in Belgium Sportsman of the Year.