Vinci (board game)

German Games Award 2000: 5th place Game of the Year 2000: shortlist International Gamers Award 2000: Multiplayer Nominees As d' Or 2000: As d' Or du jeu de stratégie

Vinci ( from Latin vincere " conquer " ) is a board game for three to six people, developed by Philippe Keyaerts. It is published by Euro Games / Descartes.

Game equipment

Game play

In Vinci, the rise and fall of civilizations is simulated. Players create empires that expand to fall apart after a short flowering period, making room for new civilizations is created. Each civilization is different from the previous offers different features which are determined by two civilization platelets. Whenever a new kingdom is established, the players from 12 ausliegenden platelet pairs 2 selects. These plates are available for different skills and perks, such as " farming " for profitable richer editing cornfields, " Astronomy ", to cross the seas, various advantages by certain weapons in the fight, etc. Does the player, the potential of his kingdom was exhausted, he can explain the decline and choose a new civilization. Each player gets points for the development of his kingdom on the board, and the one with the most points at game end is the winner.