Vinpearl Cable Car

Vinpearl Cable Car is a cable car that connects the coastal city of Nha Trang in the province of Khánh Hòa in Vietnam with about three kilometers away, Hon Tre Island ( Bamboo Island ), on which there are several, extensive tourist facilities, such as the Vinpearl Resort & Spa with about 1,200 beds, an amusement park and a water park.

The cable car was built when the passenger transportation by ships could no longer cope with the crowds. In addition, we wanted a large extent independent of the weather transport connection. The crossing takes 9-12 minutes and is up to wind force 7 possible. The system can transport 1,500 people per hour in each direction. The cable car was opened after a 15-month construction period on 10 March 2007.

The cable car station in Nha Trang stands directly on the southern end of the city to the waterfront about 5 m above sea level, the station on the Hon Tre Island is located on a hill 33 m in height. The most striking feature of the gondola are seven high, red - white-painted cable car supports that levitate so high above the sea, the gondolas that larger cruise ships with a maximum height of 54 m can happen under the gondolas.

Technically, it is at the POMA -built, 3311 -meter-long cable car to a detachable single with a 52 mm thick Rope, can be clamped to the 65 gondolas, each with 8 seats. The gondolas of the type Diamond were supplied by Sigma composite. The drive speed is up to 6 m / s (21,6 km / h).

The drive is in the station on the mainland. The rope is tensioned by a hydraulic tensioner on the island station.

Immediately prior to the mainland station, there is a tension post, which deflects the horizontal coming out of the station cable to the high pillars in the sea. The next seven high columns stand on a concrete structure, which is supported by four concrete piers that are 40 m deep water at 6 m strong foundations in the seabed, respectively. The concrete structure is 50 m high (without the foundations ). The actual 65 -meter-high cable car supports are steel truss structures, to which a steel pipe is placed. In the first high support there are two diagonally placed steel pipes with roller batteries to run the rope in a large radius from the relatively steep rise again in the horizontal. The supports have high waves and high wind loads and are designed to withstand earthquake-proof. Overall, the props, counting from the top of the foundations of, a height of 115 m. Shortly before the island station in turn is a smaller support, which initiates the rope into the station.

The operator of the plant is the Vinpearl Tourism and Trade Stock Company. The plant is expected to have cost 15 million euros. It is Vietnam's longest cable car and probably the longest leading over a sea cableway in the world.