Vintage Computer Festival

The Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) is a set somewhere between festival and conference multi-day event, the preservation and care of historic computers and other (E ) is dedicated to DV equipment only.


" The aim of the Vintage Computer Festival, it is the preservation and maintenance, historic ' computers and other ( e ) to promote DV equipment, the interest in, superfluous ' to wake hardware and software and showing off on all the fun. "

The events of various vintage computer festival used by private involvement in the field of computer technology history the one hand, the preservation of historic hardware and software that can not be done so institutionalized carriers such as art museums. On the other hand, historical practice knowledge of experts is saved, which otherwise would find no writings.


The VCF was established in 1997 by the American Sellam Ismail, a collector of old computer hardware and software, which provides services as an entrepreneur with this against the Digital forget available. 1998 Collectors Meeting in Pleasanton, California, was held for the first time. The venue changes every year in the U.S., in 2002, the festival took place in Mountain View (California ), for example, in Silicon Valley.



Successively created offshoot of the festival: the VCF East on the East Coast, Midwest VCF in the Midwest and the South VCF in the southern USA.

Great Britain

2010 was the first VCF GB held at the National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.

Vintage Computer Festival Europe ( VCFe )

Since 2000 exists at the Vintage Computer Festival Europe ( VCFe ) a European offshoot, which takes place each around 1 May in Munich. The event consists of an exhibition of historical computer, there are lectures and field trips carried out, for example, to project Cray - Cyber ​​of the Society for Historical computing systems V. Other Topics points are benchmarks of historical hardware or historical computer games ( retro games).

The VCFe serves various associations in the field of computer history as the presentation and collaboration platform, for example the Apple User Group Europe eV EYE or the association to obtain classical computer eV

The VCFe has with 1500 devices (2012 ) has its own collection of vintage hardware.


In October VCFe first time in 2013 in Winterthur, Switzerland took place.


The Vintage Computer Festival regularly attract hundreds of visitors. The British offshoot counted in 2010 over 2000 visitors, the Vintage Computer Festival East 2013 South 1100 visitors.