Virgin Group

The Virgin Group is a British conglomerate founded by Sir Richard Branson. The Virgin Group has sub-companies in very different areas, for example in the music business, mobile communications, and aviation.


In 1970, Richard Branson, the first company was called Virgin. It was mainly specialized in the shipping records and operational later record stores. 1972 followed by the establishment of Virgin Records with a recording studio in Oxfordshire. In 1973 the first album by Mike Oldfield ( Tubular Bells ) on Virgin Records and eventually sold more than five million copies. This financial success was the cornerstone for all other business activities Branson. He founded another company, all of which operate under the Virgin label.

The foundation of his airline Virgin Atlantic Airways brought the Virgin group in the early 1990s in financial distress. As a result, had to Branson 1992 Virgin Records, which had meanwhile risen to become one of the " Top Six " of the music industry to sell together with the associated recording studios for one billion U.S. dollars to EMI Records. Four years later he joined in 1996 with V2 Records back into the music business one, however, the company sold again in 2006.

In spring 1993, Virgin Radio began its program with a live announcement of Branson. The total turnover of the Virgin Group was four billion pounds in 2002.

In 2006 he sold Virgin Mobile for 690 million pounds ( 1.3 billion U.S. dollars). In February 2007, he announced that Virgin would release with UK-based Game Domain International, a 3D gaming world called A World Of My Own, which was to revolutionize the PC games market. This was done, however, never.

Beginning of February 2008 gave Branson from an offer for the ailing British bank Northern Rock. In the 2009 Formula 1 season was the Virgin Group sponsor of Formula 1 team Brawn GP. In 2010 Virgin went through an extensive sponsorship contract with the British team Manor Grand Prix under his own name with the team Virgin Racing at the start.

Group structure

Companies in the Virgin Group


  • Virgin America - U.S. airline
  • Virgin Atlantic Airways - British airline
  • Virgin Australia - Australian airline (formerly Virgin Blue ) Virgin Samoa - samoische subsidiary of Virgin Australia (formerly Polynesian Blue )

Other Industries

  • Virgin Active - gym chain in South Africa, Spain, Italy and the UK
  • Virgin Balloon Flights - Hot air balloon providers
  • Virgin Books - book publishing and trade
  • Virgin Charter - Broker for flights on private jets
  • Virgin Comics - Indian comic publishing
  • Virgin Cosmetics - Cosmetics and jewelery trade
  • Virgin Flowers - Online Flower Provider Virgin Jewellery - Jewellery manufacturer, the in-house brand is called Virgin Vie
  • Virgin Spa - retail chain for products of Virgin Cosmetics
  • Virgin Mobile - mobile phone provider in the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, the USA and France
  • - Internet Service Provider

Former member of the Virgin Group

  • Air Nigeria - Nigerian airline (formerly Virgin Nigeria )
  • Pacific Blue - New Zealand subsidiary of Virgin Australia; went on in this
  • V Australia - subsidiary for long-haul flights from Virgin Australia; went on in this
  • Virgin Brides - Shop for Bridal Clothing in Manchester
  • Virgin Cars - Sales Agency for cars in the UK
  • Virgin Cinema - cinema operators; now part of UGC Cinema
  • Virgin Interactive - publisher of computer games; now part of Titus Interactive
  • Virgin Lightships - Operators of airships; Today, The Lightship Group
  • Virgin Records - Music Publisher; now part of EMI
  • Virgin Sun Airlines - British charter airline; now part of Thomson Airways
  • V2 Records - Independent label; now part of Universal Music