Virginie Pouchain

Virginie Pouchain ( born 1980 in Saint -Montan, Ardèche ) is a French singer.


In December 2005, France 3, a French television station, to a casting called Et si vous c'était? (And if you were there? ) Is called. The casting call the sender followed 5,000 people, including the stylist Virginie Pouchain. You and 21 other candidates came into the finals, of which 3 are selected from the channel France 13, and 4 from the channel France 2 and 4 more by the RFO. Virginie won after several knockout Rounds of the casting and drove as the Euro Vision Song Contest 2006. Vous the song itself was c'est nous with which they should occur. But since she admitted in a French talk show that she does not like the song, however, France 3 decided to send her to the studio and record a new song. The selected song was called Il était temps. With her ​​song, she took the 22 place in the Euro Vision Song Contest. The single made ​​it to number 57 of the French charts.