Visas and Virtue

Visas and Virtue is an American short film from the year 1997. The screenplay is based on a play by Tim Toyama.


1940 has been working as a diplomat in Kaunas in Lithuania, the Japanese Chiune Sugihara. He and his wife Yukiko witness the persecution of Jews. The Consul General decides to jeopardize his career by becoming defies direct orders and life-saving visas issued. A total of 6,000 Jews saved by Sugihara.


In 1998, the film in the category Best Short Film was awarded the Oscar.

In the Heartland Film Festival, he won a Crystal Heart Award. In the Algarve International Film Festival, he was nominated for the Grand Prize of the city of Portimão.


The docu-drama was partially filmed in black and white.

Chiune Sugihara (1900-1986) was appointed in 1985 Righteous Among the Nations.