Visual Objects

Visual Objects ( VO short ) is an object oriented programming language for 32-bit platforms. With it, applications are designed to work under Windows.

VO is a general development tool that has a complete IDE and generated by other products or licenses independently executable. Exe and. Dll files. Because of its history, it is often used to develop database applications.


The Visual Objects project ( code name Aspen ) resulted originally from the idea to port the Clipper programming language to Windows and can develop the procedural Clipper to an object oriented language. In addition, the former developer company Nantucket knew the new product with a machine - code compiler and led more C-language elements (for example, typed variables ) in order to integrate Windows extensions can ( for example, COM, ODBC, ADO). In the development phase (1992 ) Nantucket Computer Associates (CA ) was bought. At this time, Aspen was a purely German project under the direction of Dr. Alexander Burak Kozan. Other members of the Aspen team were Lothar Bongartz, Gunnar Main, Frank Mantek, Uwe Holz, Ralf Saborowski and Dietmar Bos.

Current Version

The Visual Objects version 1.0 was expelled from the 4th quarter of 1994 by CA. Currently (as of spring 2013 ) VO is in version 2.8 ( Service Pack 4) on the market. A. NET development is available under the name Vulcan.NET in version 2. In 2003, CA has delegated the development and marketing of VO to GrafXSoft.