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Intuition is an epistemological concept, which is in its present use mostly based on Immanuel Kant. With him is first made by Kant on the sensory- receptive portion of the knowledge relation ( CPR B 33).

The term was, however, also used before Kant in philosophy, such as Notker ( OHG anascouunga ) and Meister Eckhart ( MHG anschauunge ) in which the term primarily had a religious significance. In today's epistemology, however, are usually the related terms " perception" and uses "experience."

Kant developed in the Critique of Pure Reason epistemology differs in a second step between empirical intuitions, which are given to us through the sense organs, and pure intuitions, which are a priori given before each experience. The two adopted from Kant space and time are pure intuitions. He does not claim that they cling to the things in themselves, but only the mind. Space and time, Kant calls the "pure forms of intuition ", feeling the matter ( CPR B 59 f.)

Pure ideas are ideas that can be related to sensory perception though, but as such are free of any sensory perception, sensation or experience. A view is pure, " when the idea is admixed no sensation " ( CPR B 74). - Under empirical intuition to understand the sensory- receptive portion of knowledge.

Kant also assumes that all knowledge is dependent on the interplay of ideas and concepts. " The manifold ', which is given in intuition, need a conceptual order to lead to knowledge can. On the other hand, would need terms beliefs, in order not to be completely empty. Uses of the term without visual aids led to the senseless speculations of traditional metaphysics that want to refute Kant in the Transcendental Dialectic. Nevertheless, according to Kant, pure a priori knowledge in the interplay of pure intuitions and pure conceptions are possible.


  • " Thoughts without content are empty, intuitions without concepts are blind." Immanuel Kant: Critique of Pure Reason ( CPR B75, A48 )
  • "One relies too easy to inner intuition when one is able to specify no other reason. "