Vitaly Petrakov

Vitaly Petrakov (Russian Виталий Александрович Петраков; born December 10, 1954 in Tula ) is a former Soviet cyclist who was 1980 Olympic gold medalist in the team pursuit.


The Road Cycling World Championships 1975 in Liège, the Soviet railway foursome with Vladimir Osokin, Alexander Perov, Vitaly Petrakov and Viktor Sokolov won the silver medal behind the quad from the Federal Republic of Germany. A year later, at the 1976 Olympic Games in Montreal, both teams were again to play in the final, the Soviet quad, in the same occupation starting as the previous year, subject again to the West German foursome.

From 1977 to 1979 won three consecutive train of four from the GDR the world title. During the Soviet team could not win a medal in 1977, the quartet was successful in 1978 in Munich. Together with Vasily Honest and Igor Pilipenko reached Osokin and Petrakov the final against the GDR. 1979, was composed of four Soviet of Ehrlich, Viktor Manakov, Osokin and Petrakov, these four drivers in Amsterdam reached the World Cup Final and again won silver behind the GDR four.

At the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow Valeri Movchan was nachgerückt for Ehrlich in the quad. In the quarterfinals of the Soviet won four in 4:14,64 minutes against the Australians and thereby undercutting the nearly twelve -year-old world record set by the Federal German foursome had set up at the Olympic Games in Mexico City. After the semi-final victory against the four of Czechoslovakia, the Soviet four drivers were in the final opponent was changed to two positions world champion from the GDR. The Soviet foursome won the final in 4:15,70 minutes and remained so again under the old world record.